What do YOU want?

(painting/collage by Renee BonOrand)

A Visual Goal Map


It's nearly June! Summer is coming, and things are about to get very, very hot!!!
So as we take more clothing off (to survive the heat, to survive those hormonal changes or to survive both!- God help you), and we bare more of our outer selves, I feel it is the best time to bare some of our inner self too!
So tell me, WHAT DO YOU WANT?
Have you ever actually asked yourself this?
Have you ever given yourself the permission to answer the question?
Life is a ride we get to enjoy only once (an E-ticket ride at that). So don't miss anything!
What is it that you want?

Take a few minutes, or more - days if you want to - and create a visual goal map for yourself.
Cut (or rip) out images from magazines, newspapers, maps, anything - that remind you of the things you would like to bring into your life. Work from a positive position - not the negative. For instance, if you wish to quit eating sugars, then use the mindset of, "I want to eat more healthy foods" - and put those healthy foods all over your visual goal map. I want to be stronger. I want to be calmer. I want to be braver. Avoid creating goals that are vague and lack purpose. "I want to be skinny" could be easily manifested by a bad case of e coli, -that's not what you're looking for (I sincerely hope it's not). So how about this instead, "I want to be fit and healthy". Much more positive and defined.
Post your beautiful goal map (mantra, mess, masterpiece) in a place where you can see it and where you are reminded of what you want.

Be kind to yourself and believe in yourself as you go through this process. Allow yourself to truly release those ideas onto paper that you have been tucking away inside.
Your mind is your compass - set it in the right direction and the ship will sail beautifully.

So as you tie on smaller garments, and dig your bare feet into the sand - dig deep inside and get out those great ideas of what you WANT and make it happen this summer! Paste them down, pin them up, and practice positive thinking.
By August, there will be a more golden version of you - inside and out.

Be well,


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