Sunday, September 27, 2015

October Schedule 2015

Saturdays 10:30 at The Dance Company 
370 A1A Beach Blvd.  on St. Augustine Beach 

A classical ballet class focused on proper alignment, technique, and artistry.  If you need to brush up on your ballet, strengthen your game, or maintain what you have worked so hard to build, this is the class for you. Open-level, but not for beginners. Proper attire is required. 

@ the Yoga Room
Tuesday 4:45 pm
A classic mat class following the tried and true method of Joseph Pilates. 
bring your own mat. 

___________________________________________________  The BARRE CLASSES at Studio Indigo
#108 Sea Grove Main Street (on the Island in Sea Grove Town Center)
Developed from the classical ballet barre, infused with Pilates, and pumped up with a little extra strengthening stuff, my barre classes are unlike anything you have ever experienced. 

Barre Fit ADAGIO
Tuesday 6:00 pm

This class takes its inspiration from the slow and controlled movement of the ballet adagio.  We will begin with Pilates mat exercises, progress into floor barre exercises, and then come to standing at the barre. After a strong workout demonstrating control, balance, stretch, and strength, we will round out the hour with a relaxing cool-down.  Bring a mat and dress in clothes that are easy to move in (yoga, ballet, or Pilates attire - bare feet)

ADAGIO class is designed to engage the larger muscle groups of the body through large, but slower movements.  Balance and strength are definitely challenged in this class.

Thursday 6:00 pm

Barre Fit Allegro class takes its cue from the quicker movements of the ballet.  Train your body through a modified variation of the more energetic movements of ballet.  We will begin with a mat Pilates warm-up, and then move to the barre for an incredible ballet work-out that challenges your legs, derriere, and core! Afterward, we will come to the floor for more Pilates, arm-work, and a relaxing cool-down.  

ALLEGRO This workout challenges both the intrinsic and the large muscle groups of the legs and trunk. Staccato movement